The highly prestigious
St. Moritz hotel

Offering everything our guests desire for over 100 years. Welcome to the Schweizerhof.

Schweizerhof Portier

The Schweizerhof is located in the heart of St. Moritz, just a three-minute walk from the Chantarella funicular, which transports you to the town’s ski resort in comfort.
Guests from all over the world can enjoy all the amenities a modern hotel offers, 365 days a year, in the beautiful, belle-époque ambience of the Schweizerhof.

As the most prestigious hotel in St. Moritz, the Schweizerhof offers everything your heart desires: beautiful hotel rooms with lake views; free Wi-Fi; a wellness area and sauna; the Acla restaurant, offering both traditional and modern fare; as well as in-house bars and nightlife.

Everything our guests desire for over 100 years. Welcome in beautiful St. Moritz!

Your hosts,
Yvonne Urban Scherer and Martin Scherer


Enjoy the

The colder it is outside, the more soothing it is to take a bath or sauna after exercising. There is only one question: Skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing? We suggest that you simply try all of them.


When the Emperor
wanted to skimp.

The Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph I ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1848 until 1916, and is said to have been an extremely frugal, not to say miserly, man. That’s fortunate for us, because without his thrift, we might have missed out on one particular culinary delight – Tafelspitz.

Highly recommended!

This hotel is highly recommended! Friendly, courteous, attentive, quiet, beautiful ambience.... The guests are pampered and can feel completely at ease! We will definitely be coming back!

Sue Carmen, Basel

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