Schloss Salenegg is one of the most important cultural sites of Switzerland. What is the connection between the Hotel Schweizerhof and Schloss Salenegg? Both are owned by Helene v. Gugelberg.

Schloss Salenegg Europe’s oldest Winery
Schloss Salenegg Winery was founded by the Benedictine monks in 950 AD. Since 1654 successive generations of the Gugelberg von Moos have striven to produce the best nature has to offer so their wines will always be of the highest standard.

Schloss Salenegg is located in Maienfeld, the gate to the Grisons, near Chur, in the region called the Bündner Herrschaft. Maienfeld is the hometown of the world-famous Heidi, the story written by Johanna Spyri in 1880.

Thanks to the mediterranean microclimate of the Bündner Herrschaft the growth of the vines and the ripening of grapes are possible. Our harvests are comparatively late in the year, usually between mid-October and beginning of November.

Schloss Salenegg wine:

Red wine
Blauburgunder traditionell:
Red wine, made of burgundy grapes is a traditional Bündner Herrschaft Blauburgunder wine. Perfect with simple tasty meals like pasta and cold cuts.

Pinot Noir Barrique:
Made from a special selection of burgundy grapes, matured in burgundy oak barrels during twelve months - it is most enjoyable with beef, lamb and other roasts.

White wine
Cuvée Blanche:
This white wine is made of 80% burgundy "blank de noir" and 20% Chardonnay.
It is perfect for aperitifs and light meals such asparagus and sweet water fish.

Chardonnay Barrique "Schloss Salenegg":
This white wine is made of chardonnay grapes, maybe better known to you by the French name of Chablis. Seafood and crustaceans do go very well with this fine white.

Distillery "Schloss Salenegg"
The classical "whisky-type brandy" is:
Marc "Schloss Salenegg"
In copper pots on the open fire, the "grape skins and peps" we call "Trester" are distilled twice, as our ancestors have done over centuries. As legend has it, a good brandy should travel by ship once around the world, or be allowed to ripen during five years by the change of seasons. We find the seasonal ripening is a more effective method. We mature our “Marc” for five years in oak barrels up in the attic of the castle. This exclusive "Marc" is available in the handmade 1.0-liter Swiss Hergiswil Cristal bottle or the 70cl “Bordeaux” bottle as well as the 20cl "Princesse".

Delikat Vinegar "Schloss Salenegg"
Some times life is so sweet we need something sour to make it bearable. In the kitchen, this is a definite truth. A drop here, a drop there and you have your own unique creation! Twelve different flavors of these homegrown and homemade vinegars are available.

Our products and more information are available directly at front desk. We are happy to assist you with your selection.

Visiting Schloss Salenegg

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday we are there from 07.15 till 12.00 and 13.15 till 17.30 clock.  And every first Saturday of the month between 09.00 und 13.00 you can to taste our products free of charge and/or pick up your order.

Guided tours and tastings
Dive deep into the centuries-old history of the Schloss Salenegg during a tour of the estate. We are on a journey through time and taste the diversity of our creations.

We do cellar tours with tasting for groups of 8 persons and more.
A guided tour takes about 90 minutes and we charge CHF 35.00 per person.

Culinary journey of discovery with Delikat Vinegar
Discover flavors you never ever thought of before. Together with the right wine you taste different appetizers, all of which were seasoned with a delikat vinegar, and take a wealth of tips and recipes home.
We are conducting journeys of discovery four groups of 10 – 20 people.
A journey takes about 2 hours and we charge CHF 55.00 per person.

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