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Terms of use

The photo material provided on may only be used freely for editorial purposes in conjunction with the Hotel Schweizerhof St. Moritz. Please also note the following guidelines when using the photo material: media partners (newspapers, magazines, TV channels, news portals, etc.) may publish images they have sourced here in the editorial section of their medium, free of charge but citing the source.

Any photo sourced from and published must state the photographer’s copyright and cite as the source. Please use the byline of the photo shown immediately below the image on as the source. Bylines such as "Photo zVg" or "Photo PD" are not permissible.

Use of the images for any other purpose (in particular advertising, use for any purpose other than that defined here) is prohibited except with our express written consent. Use of the images for advertising purposes is possible in principle by agreement.

The images must not be tampered with or manipulated in photo editing applications so as to distort the sense. The central message of the image must not be changed.

If you are unclear about the usage rights, please contact SPOT Werbung AG at the following address:

SPOT Werbung AG
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CH-7500 St. Moritz
Tel. +41 81 837 30 80
Fax +41 81 837 30 85

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