The foundation stone for today's Schweizerhof in St.Moritz was laid in 1897 by Emil Rouseette and Conradin von Flugi - both were property owners and ran guesthouses – together with GianTöndury-Zender, the then manager and co-owner of the Engadiner Bank in Samedan. Architects were Chiodera and Tschudy. The 4-storey Pension Suisse, as the Hotel Schweizerhof was then known, opened in July 1898.

The site was and still is an excellent location for the new hotel: sunny, central and protected from the wind. Then the tram, connecting St.Moritz village with the spa resort of St. Moritz Bad, with its stop right in front of the Hotel Schweizerhof was a great attraction. The tramway ran from 1896 to 1931.  

In 1900, the young 29-year old Adolf Angst took over the management of the hotel. Adolf Angst continuously improved the Hotel Schweizerhof facilities and renamed it "Hotel Suisse". 1904, when extensive reconstruction was underway at the hotel, Gottardo Segantini, eldest son of the famous alpine artist Giovanni Segantini, painted a decorative birch grove on the ceiling of the bright dining room. In 1909, during the extension of the east lobby, the reading room was lavishly panelled and newly-painted. Adlof Angst resourcefulness saved the Hotel Schweizerhof during the subsequent difficult war-years. For instance as no hotel could afford to keep up an orchestra, his initiated the Hotel Schweizerhof guests-orchestra.

The hotel and the entire region flourished in the golden 20s. In 1927, Adolf Angst died and his successor was J.Genelin.

The end of the heyday came shortly after the New York stock exchange crashed in 1929 and the subsequent worldwide economic crisis. During World War II things became truly difficult and nearly meant de end of the Hotel Schweizerhof.
The II Olympic Winter Games were held in 1928 in St. Moritz in Switzerland. They were the first full-fledged Winter Games, not held in conjunction with the Summer Olympics. The games were marked by an unusually warm weather for the time of year. After February, 15th no competitions could take place. The 10,000-meter speed skating was abandoned and was finally not carried out. By the way, women were able to compete only in figure skating.

The end of the heyday came shortly after the New York Stock Exchange crash of 1929 with the global economic crisis. In the mid 30-years the Hotel Schweizerhof recovered a little, thanks to the devaluation of the Swiss franc which led to a slight economic upturn.

But soon war was looming again. After the dark days of World War II were also over, the economy was very sluggish. The Hotel Schweizerhof had suffered badly through the quartering of troops during the war. And money was desperately short.
The V Olympic Winter Games 1948 heralded a new era for St. Moritz and the Hotel Schweizerhof. The memorable spa was moved into the background and the winter sports conquered the region. During the next two decades, every franc earned went into restoring of the Hotel Schweizerhof.

Finally 1964 the fifth floor, scheduled from the start, was built and the hotel was again the leading first class hotel in St. Moritz, now with 150 beds.

Under the leadership of Arturo Tano in 1973 the Hotel Schweizerhof expands further by opening three new Restaurants. Just in time, as the new restaurants make up what we loose due to the oil crisis and the high Swiss franc.

1976, the cabin Clavadatsch, till then the "Picnic Club Schweizerhof" was transformed into a simple mountain restaurant. July, 1st, 1976 Director Arturo Tano retires and the Hotel Schweizerhof passes into the capable hands of his Vice-Director Felix Schlatter, who runns the Hotel Schweizerhof with youthful enthusiasm and great success. The restaurant "Acla" is built and run by Marlies Pfeiffer, the outstanding Austrian chef.  Marlies stayed with the Hotel Schweizerhof for over 20 years. Today we still honor her by cooking the Wiener schnitzel and boiled beef with horseradish exactly to her recipe.

Since 1978, the Hotel Schweizerhof is now open all year-round. By the year 1986 the Hotel Schweizerhof is completely redone from top to bottom.

And 1998, the Hotel Schweizerhof turns 100.

The next major renovation of the Hotel Schweizerhof takes place in the year 2000. A small, exclusive spa with sauna, steam bath and a relaxation room is realized on the hotel’s roof with a breathtaking view. And as if to prove that it is still as it has always been, the Hotel Schweizerhof is classified as the first 4-star superior hotel of St. Moritz. Only a few years later, the Restaurant "Acla" is extended with the "Giardino Acla", our garden terrace.

The most extensive renovation since the 1960’s takes place in the year 2010. The in the "zeitgeist" of the '60s coined ground floor was always a little but not completely rebuilt and adjusted over the past 30 years. Finally we were ready and brave enough to invest a considerable sum to restore the Hotel Schweizerhof’s original and timeless brilliance.

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