Schloss Salenegg
Schloss Salenegg is one of the most important cultural sites of Switzerland. What is the connection between the Hotel Schweizerhof and Schloss Salenegg? Both are owned by Helene v. Gugelberg.

Schloss Salenegg Europe’s oldest Winery
Schloss Salenegg Winery was founded by the Benedictine monks in 950 AD. Since 1654 successive generations of the Gugelberg von Moos have striven to produce the best nature has to offer so their wines will always be of the highest standard.

Schloss Salenegg is located in Maienfeld, the gate to the Grisons, near Chur, in the region called the Bündner Herrschaft. Maienfeld is the hometown of the world-famous Heidi, the story written by Johanna Spyri in 1880.

Thanks to the mediterranean microclimate of the Bündner Herrschaft the growth of the vines and the ripening of grapes are possible. Our harvests are comparatively late in the year, usually between mid-October and beginning of November.