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Salon Flugi
The Salon Flugi is ideal for meetings, seminars and workshops. The technical equipment of our Salon Flugi is state of the art
For seminars of up to 40 people.

 Upon request, all signs of diligent work disappear and the salon presents itself in a festive atmosphere, ideal for any formal dinner. 
For up to 35 people.

Lions Saal
This room, the former reading room which was lavishly panelled and painted in 1912, takes its name from its function as the regular meeting place for the illustrious members of the local Lions Club. This jewel of art history provides the right surroundings in which to hold meetings and banquets for up to 45 people.

Mountain cabin Clavadatsch
Exciting combination of Belle Epoque and alpine lifestyle: The rustic Clavadatsch alpine cabin above St. Moritz, with dining room, open fire, terrace, a magnificent mountain view and a group room, enhances every event. The former barn is available for events throughout the year, and evenings only from December to the end of March. You can reach the cabin by carriage, by torch-lit walk or on skis.

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