St. Moritz, is situated 1,856 m above sea level and right in the middle of the Upper Engadine valley with its numerous lakes. The dry, sparkling "champagne climate" is legendary and the renowned St. Moritz sun shines an average of 322 days a year. This is the backdrop for a range of activities and possibilities, which are unique in terms of quality and diversity: Some go as far as to say: the only impossibility up there is deep sea fishing!

St. Moritz Dorf with the lake.

Milestones of St. Moritz

Unbelievable but true: 1830 St. Moritz counted only 200 inhabitants. Today, St. Moritz counts 5,400 inhabitants, during high season they are joined by 21,000 guests and employees.

1139 First mentioned in 1139: AD
Middle Ages  In the Middle Ages, St. Moritz, thanks already famous mineral springs and air
1864/65 Johannes Badrutt famous wager
1864 First Tourist Office in Switzerland
1878 Kulm Hotel, first electric lights in Switzerland
1880 First curling tournament on the continent
1882 First-skating Championships
1885 First modern winter sports: track Cresta Run
1889 First golf tournament in the Alps
1889 First telephone installation in the canton of Graubünden
1890 First bobsled race
1896 First electric tram in the Alps
1896 First hotel in Europe with the name "Palace"
1898 Opening Hotel Schweizerhof
1906 First horse races on snow
1907 First horse race on the frozen lake
1910 First powered flight over Swiss territory
1928 First Olympic Winter Games
1929 First ski school in Switzerland
1930 First races on skis
1948 The second Olympic Winter Games
1979 First golf tournament on a frozen lake in Europe
1985 First polo tournament on the frozen lake
1986 First village as a registered trade mark and logo in 1987
1987 First Snowboard World Cup on the continent
1989 First cricket tournament on a snowy, frozen lake
1995 First-Polo World Championships in the Alps

Again and again in St. Moritz

  • Alpine Ski World Championships 1934/1948/1974/2003
More than 30 Bob World Championships
More than 40 Engadine Ski Marathon (since 1969)
More than 30 Engadine windsurfing marathons (since 1978)
  • Sailing and wind surfing world championships

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