Engadine St. Moritz is the hiking paradise. Staying at the Hotel Schweizerhof, all year round you're just five minutes walk from the Chantarella-Coviglia funicular. 580 km hiking trails invite you to stroll, walk, hike and tour. All trails are marked according to their difficulty.

13 rail and cableways: glide in comfort up to three 3'000-metre peaks.

Red / white / red with yellow signs are suitable for those who have good shoes and endurance or the - white / blue / white marked trails are suitable for experienced climbers, but do not require climbing equipment.

Let the St. Moritz funiculars and cable cars take you up to the Piz Nair, Corvatsch, Muottas Muragl, or Corviglia, starting points for many scenic hikes. Up there you will find cozy mountain cabins and quaint restaurants where you can rest and restore your strength by tasting many regional specialties. In addition to these virtually unlimited possibilities for individual hikes there are just as many for guided glacier and mountain tours.

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