Sunrise on Piz Nair (3057 m.)

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Locality: Piz Nair, CH-7500 St.Moritz
Be the first at the top! Take the cable car to Piz Nair and enjoy the sunrise at over 3000 metres. Enjoy the endless trails in the Piz Nair area.
Sunrise on Piz Nair (3057 m.)

Program Sunrise Event on the Piz Nair, 22.9.2013
Sunday 22.9.2013

5.15 am         Chantarella Talstation, St. Moritz Dorf.
                     and cableway to Corviglia and Piz Nair

6.20 am          Early Bird Snack in the restaurant Piz Nair

7.04 am         Sunrise on the Piz Nair (3056m ü. M.)

7.30 am        Guided mountain bike tour around the Piz Nair and Corviglia

9.30 am         Breakfast in the restaurant Piz Nair

11.00 am      Guided mountain bike tour, part 2
- 1.00  pm       

*subject to change

from CHF 93.00
Organizer, Information and Booking:
Engadin Bike Tours
Cuntschett 1
CH-7504 Pontresina
T +41 81 838 83 88