Engadinwind 2014

Daily from 13.08.2014 - 17.08.2014
Locality: Silvaplanersee, CH-7513 Silvaplana
The spectacular windsurfing and kitesurfing regatta takes place in august on Lake Silvaplana, as does the Engadin windsurfing marathon, the largest and most traditional event of its type.
Engadinwind 2014

In the early days of kitesurfing there were only a few surfers who came to Silvaplana. However, the number of enthusiastic exponents increases significantly each year.

Beginners are immediately thrilled by the feeling of surfing on a board with a kite. On a beautiful Maloja day up to one hundred kitesurfers cavort on the lake. Events such as Engadinwind with the Kitesurf World Cup have made Lake Silvaplana world famous among kitesurfers.

Free entry
Organizer and Information:
Engadin St. Moritz
Via dal Farrer 2
CH-7513 Silvaplana
T +41 81 838 60 00
F +41 81 838 60 09